Safety Compliance

Safety Solutions Africa supplies all necessary documentation pertaining to the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Safety File must be kept on location and be accessible to inspectors or the principal contractor on request. Safety Solutions Africa offers guidance to each client in terms of health and safety matters that need to be addressed at site level.

What the law states

By law, every employer is required to provide, as far as reasonably practicable, a hazardous-free working space which impacts the following:

Yourself, as the employer

As the Employer you are ultimately responsible.

Your employees

Employees need to abide by regulated guidelines.

Your customers

Customers visiting your work space need to comply to regulated guidelines

Your community

The impact of the working space should not affect surrounding communities

Ask yourself the big question: Are you compliant?

What answer do you feel represents your situation?


No, I'm not compliant

Why are you not compliant?
Are you challenged by the complex legislation? Do you feel it costs too much to become fully compliant?


I am compliant...BUT

Not realising the full benefits?
Keeping up to date with legislation, identification of all risks and effects on my business is a challenge, therefore I am just happy to operate as is.

How do I reap the rewards of being fully complaint?

You ask how?
By letting us help you to find the best compliance solution, that meets your personalised requirements.

Book your Business Assessment and become compliant!

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