Insurance Audit

Working in collaboration with your insurance advisors, Safety Solutions Africa boasts a record of engineered insurance cost savings through our workplace risk management solutions. We work with your insurance advisors to decrease broker liability and protect clients against the loss of assets, ensuring that the proper health and safety protocols are in place, that ultimately facilitate the payment of insurance claims.

On one hand - Insurance

Policy contractually falls directly onto the policy holder and the slightest failure to comply, could result in the insurer refusing liability in part or in full.

On the other hand - The Law

Various governmental institutions (ie. Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Department and Department of Labour) are continually legislating new laws and by-laws.

The risk of claims not being paid

Insurance contracts stipulate that the policy holders must always comply with local and national legislation, including any municipal by-laws. If not, the insurer reserves the right to refute any claims.

The risk of fines and imprisonment

The Department of Labour is forced to reduce Workmen’s Compensation claims and to regulate the industries through fines or imprisonment.

This naturally adds to the rising costs of these forced regulations and conditions. How can we help you?

Book your Free Insurance Risk Assessment and start saving all round!

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