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One of the “root causes” of workplace injuries, illnesses, and incidents is the failure to identify or recognise hazards that are present, or that could have been anticipated. A critical element of any effective safety and health program is a proactive, ongoing process to identify and assess such hazards.

Safety Solutions Africa offers a free H&S assessment to collect and review information about the hazards present or likely to be present in the workplace. Your first step is to Contact Safety Solutions Africa to arrange your free OSH assessment.


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What we offer:

Action item 1: Collect existing information about workplace hazards.

Information on workplace hazards may already be available to employers and workers, from both internal and external sources.

Action item 2: Inspect the workplace for safety hazards

Hazards can be introduced over time as workstations and processes change, equipment or tools become worn, maintenance is neglected, or housekeeping practices decline. Safety Solutions Africa can help identify shortcomings so that they can be addressed before an incident occurs.

Action item 3: Identify health hazards

Safety Solutions Africa will Identify workers’ exposure to health hazards which is typically more complex than identifying physical safety hazards. For example, gases and vapours may be invisible, often have no odor, and may not have an immediately noticeable harmful health effect. Health hazards include chemical hazards (solvents, adhesives, paints, toxic dusts, etc.), physical hazards (noise, radiation, heat, etc.), biological hazards (infectious diseases), and ergonomic risk factors (heavy lifting, repetitive motions, vibration). Reviewing workers’ medical records (appropriately redacted to ensure patient/worker privacy) can be useful in identifying health hazards associated with workplace exposures.

Action item 4: Conduct incident investigations

Workplace incidents –including injuries, illnesses, close calls/near misses, and reports of other concerns– provide a clear indication of where hazards exist. By thoroughly investigating incidents and reports, Safety Solutions Africa will identify hazards that are likely to cause future harm. The purpose of an investigation must always be to identify the root causes (and there is often more than one) of the incident or concern, in order to prevent future occurrences.

Action item 5: Identify hazards associated with emergency and non routine situations

Safety Solutions Africa will identify foreseeable emergency scenarios and non routine tasks, taking into account the types of material and equipment in use and the location within the facility. Scenarios such as the following may be foreseeable:

    • Fires and explosions
    • Chemical releases
    • Hazardous material spills
    • Start-ups after planned or unplanned equipment shutdowns
    • Non routine tasks, such as infrequently performed maintenance activities
    • Structural collapse
    • Disease outbreaks
    • Weather emergencies and natural disasters
    • Medical emergencies
    • Workplace violence

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