Personal Safety and Security

Personal Safety and Security

Your safety is our priority

In South Africa crime is a major concern, thus the demand for remarkable protection services is growing at an exponential rate. To this end, we can successfully provide a specialised service aimed at protection in the private and corporate sectors.

Safety Solutions Africa is comprised of a unique team of individuals, who are highly trained and specialised in their various fields of expertise to deliver an  outstanding service.

We service the following market sectors:-

  1. Embassies
  2. Government
  3. Corporate
  4. Retail
  5. Private
  6. Commercial
  7. VIPs
  8. Individual


Do not wait for a backup team, when the risk can be diffused. We provide security which engages the perpetrators.

  1. Interaction with our control room.
  2. PSIRA Accredited Training and Grading Nationally.
  3. Strong client and public inter-liason and public relations.
  4. Strong support and reaction unit.
  5. Access control.
  6. Complete perimeter security coverage and guarding at events.
  7. Off-site CCTV monitoring.

Close body protection

Our specially trained team will be there for the personal protection of your family; business colleagues, VIPs and more. 

  1. Covert / Undercover escorting.
  2. Spouse and children protection.
  3. Business directors, delegates, VIPs and key personnel.
  4. End to end shuttle services.
  5. Protection at conferences, business meetings or events.


Our team is on standby to assist you get from one destination to another safely. 

  1. VIPs.
  2. Personal Get Home Safe service.
  3. International Airport transfer / Business.
  4. Protection in Safe House.


Our specialised team will assist you with these sensitive and confidential areas of intelligence.

  1. Tracing.
  2. Missing persons.
  3. Kidnappings.
  4. Extractions.
  5. Intel gathering.

Other areas

Our team has a broad range of expertise, which allows us to offer different solutions for our customer needs. 

  1. Safely Home Service – Protect family from potential threats.
  2. Debt Collection.
  3. Hi tech access control solutions.    
  4. Security consulting and management. 

Contact us if you require any of these services above.