Marine Industry

Navigating a marine safety culture

Introducing a dynamic safety team to your production line will exercise a  proactive and positive behavioural base  approach to any task, no matter the  complexity.

Thriving on success through driving core fundamental values and building  meaningful and trustworthy relationships with clients, allows the value of a zero harm objective to be achieved resulting in a safe and quality outcomes for any equipment or product produced.

Skilled Safety Team

We can offer highly skilled and motivated individuals that understand the dynamics of the production processes.

The  team  is  made  up  of  qualified  tradesmen, with multiple years of experience in different trade fields ranging from watch keepers in the propulsion sector; navigational officers; to qualified government tradesmen. This experience helps to develop a positive approach and understanding with respect to physical on site audits or inspections of equipment and site facilities.

Our service offering

  • A team of trained and qualified safety personnel to manage the day to day operations during the repair, turnkey or floating repairs.
  • Manage daily site meetings with contractors.
  • Observation and reporting methods.
  • Incident and accident investigations (5 why’s and root cause analysis).
  • Disciplinary process to hold persons accountable for their actions and suspension methods.
  • Develop safe work procedures for routine and non-routine works.
  • Develop work procedures.
  • Development of an induction process with questionnaire for monitoring levels of understanding.
  • Background checks and clearances for personnel.
  • Manage security processes and perimeter site set up.
  • Set up site establishments and all logistical needs.
  • Manage all high risk areas and tasks through safety personnel strategically placed in those areas.
  • Set up fire prevention equipment and monitoring processes.
  • Advise on work methods and dry dock requirements.

Auditing Services

Development and implementation of site audit criteria and guidelines schedule with regard to following audits:

Audit performed  to identify  compliance with the environmental  regulations

All electrical tooling  to be audited to  eliminate potential  faulty equipment  thus minimizing the  risk of electrocution  or fire.

Hand tool audits  to be performed on company  highlighting  defective and  uncertified hand  tools or equipment  thus minimizing  the risk level of  equipment failure  or injury due to  unauthorized equipment.

Site establishment  audits monitoring  compliance with the  basic conditions of  employment and  welfare of workers.

Formulate and  issue contractors  audit guideline to contractors  been developed  for adherence  to the OHS Act  and SAMSA requirements for the  Construction and  Maritime industry.

Interaction between  safety personnel  and work force to  monitor compliance  with all hazards and  controls measures  for the specific  tasks.

Schedule audits  performed on  contractors by means of a  formulated audit  checklist as per  the requirements  of the DMR  (Driven machinery  regulations),  focusing on  equipment  inspections and  certification.

Monitor isolation  risks and implement  methods of  improvement.

Bilge Cleaning

We can assist with bilge cleaning procedures such as gas monitoring (LEL’s and VOC’s); BC’s and evacuation plans etc.

Contact us if you require any of the services offered above.