Invest and make a difference

Invest in a franchise opportunity, which will make a difference to businesses, the safety of their employees, co-workers, friends and communities. With your help, businesses will save money, by putting safety first and becoming legally compliant. They will increase worker productivity, reduce financial loss and develop a corporate reputation of creating a safe working environment. Be the hero in the story and join our business team. Let us help you take safety to the market place, and in the process, make a difference to your life, and to the lives of your loved ones.

The Opportunity

In South Africa, all businesses are required by law, need to comply with Occupational Health and Safety legislation. However, there are still many employers, who believe they are exempt from strict health and safety rules. But the fact Nobody is Exempt is a reality.


The consequences of this fact, only becomes clear to most clients, after they experience an event (accident on company premises etc.) which has a detrimental impact on their business, or following an insurance claim, which is not honoured by the insurance company due to non-compliance.


This is where the strength of Safety Solutions Africa comes in. We can take away the stress factor away from the businesses and assist them in becoming compliant and saving themselves money in the long term.


Safety Solutions Africa is an efficient home-based, franchise business venture and we are looking for partners who want to make a difference!

Franchise Partners

Licensed Area

Joint Venture Licensed area partners enjoy instant access to a proven concept, including a one-of-a-kind integrated software and online system, appropriate for any industry that must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act​.


Training provision for all Joint Venture Licensed area partners. All Joint Venture Licensed area partners are trained for 6 weeks, and exposed to all the facets of running a successful business.


In the opening stages of the joint venture, the holding company aides Joint Venture Licensed area partners with client acquisition, along with shouldering responsibility for increasing awareness of the services via a full PR and marketing campaign


The main audits are done by auditing consultants, allowing the Joint Venture Licensed area partner to focus on the expansion of their business.

Want to become a franchisee?

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