2007 saw the birth of Safety Solutions Africa group

The vision was to be largest influential health and safety company and the voice of OHSE in South Africa. This vision has not changed, and has expanded even further, making a difference in people’s lives and meeting the ever-changing needs of clients and their businesses, in all industries. 

We pride ourselves on building mutually rewarding business relationship both in business and all authorities governing the legislative requirements.

SSA services nationwide in SA, occasionally in Africa and is now looking at expanding into the UK.

Due to various changes in our daily environments, and over the years, especially with the pandemic of Covid, changing the way the world engages in business.   Like many companies who have been strong enough to survive and weather to storm as it were, and due to overlapping needs of our valued clients, like many others we have had to adapt and hit the refresh button. 

Our services have extended beyond the expert consulting in the health and safety, food hygiene, HACCP/FSSC, alone.  

Through our treasured business partners, we have added specialised expert departments in the SSA group, we offer environmental solutions, energy solutions, security solutions.  This unity in services have come as the challenge of embracing our new world we are all faced with now.

With this new energy and excitement of offering a greater benefit to all our clients, current and future, SSA group offers a TOTAL SERVICE SOLUTION in risk management, bringing you service second to none, and savings benefits. Minimising your losses and growing your profits – the SSA team have taken a leap into the change and given our branding a new image too, as we lead the way in happily serving you in a risk free and prosperous future!

Giovanni Kilian
Chief Executive Officer